Dancers & Companies

Below are some of the many Dancers, Dance Companies, & Dance Organizations I’ve worked with over the years. 
See my images from most on this list by doing a quick search on my blog page.

Rubans Rouges, Noelle Andressen, Artistic Director

Music Center Spotlight Program // Diavolo Architecture in Motion
Luminario Ballet // Lewitzky Dance Gallery
Pennington Dance Group // Regina Klenjoski Dance Company
Donna Sternberg & Dancers // Dance Resource Center
Kenneth Walker Dance Project // Anjani’s Kathak Dance of India
Blue13 Dance Company // Djanbazian Dance Company
Suarez Dance Theater // Rubans Rouges
Gabriella Foundation/Everybody Dance
Winifred R Harris Between Lines // JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble
Jazz Tap Ensemble // Antics Multimedia Hip Hop Dance Theater
The Underground // Juice Hip Hop Festival
Miss Prissy // Lil’ “C”
Paris Wages // Heather Lipson
Tekla Kostek // Lisa Kellogg
Sarah Marquelle Kruger